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Lisa Grand, member of “Students For Democratic Society”

World leaders convene in U.S. for G8 (World Economic Leaders) and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Summits this weekend from May 18, 2012 (Friday) to May 21, 2012 (Monday) to tackle the Global economic crisis and war at Afghanistan. G8, world economic leaders, meet at Camp David in Washington DC today May 18, 2012 try to figure out how to prevent Greece from derailing economic and to recover here and abroad while NATO will meet at McCormic Place in Chicago this Sunday May 20, 2012 to prepare withdraw the war at Afghanistan in year of 2014.
Some financial sectors or office buildings at the heart of Downtown Chicago are closed today due to tight security and protestors gathering.
Chicago stationed reporter has interviewed one of the NATO protestors at Daley Plaza in Downtown Chicago. The interviewee alleged that NATO is to be held accountable for not fulfilling their mission for the public’s interest.


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