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Thank you for visiting us at sohnetwork.com. As you may have known that Holiday Wonders is one of the theatrical productions featured traditional Chinese cultural under the influence of Buddhism and Daoism for the past 5,000 years. This Holiday Wonders live staged annually in various cities in the United States sponsored by one of our media partners NTDTV. Today, we take pride to share with you about some feedback from the audience which will be Seminole Mayor Jimmy Johnson and his fiancé Virginia Spencer who have watched Holiday Wonders in Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida on December 29th, 2007. You are invited to listen to what they are going to say, how they felt about the show, and most importantly why it is a show that you must see yourself. During the interview, Mayor Johnson has touched upon his vision of his city Seminole which is to continue the cultural growth and believes that Holiday Wonders has a positive effect on the city’s development. He also expressed which performance he likes the best and how he is so surprised that musical instruments play a big part in Chinese culture.



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Two Artists


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episode 16

Hello Class! Daniel here, from Stary Poddvorov in the Czech Republic.  I hope you are all well.  It has been a good week for me. I have learned how to be more thrifty, and not be so wasteful with energy.  This week oil reached 98 dollars a barrel, and one of my students, who works at the oil company here where I teach, told me that his company paid for a future price analysis of oil, and that according to this price analysis, oil will be three times its current price in 2011. If that study is correct, mankind has a lot of learning to do, how to live without such high energy dependence.


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episode 10 – finale

The next character we will look at is the one for Earth.

The Chinese God, Pangu created the world by defining the sky and earth from Chaos.

Resources are riches hidden in the soil,
nourish all beings in the world.
The abundant harvest of crops keeps people warm and full.

soil nurtures grains on the plate, it should be credited to the hardworking farmers.


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episode 9

So Let’s find out what chinese characters have to say about I or self.
What does it mean in chinese characters?

Persisting in one’s own way causes conflicts,
self-centered egotism often causes disaster.

If I cared for others, others would care for me;
thinking of others before self broadens the world.

Sacrifice one’s benefit to accomplish the whole,
selflessness makes one attain the fruits of virtue.


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episode 8

The characteristics of the universe are truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.
One who is tolerant can undertake great tasks.

Hanxin’s endurance made him a great general, Xianyou’s lake of forbearance lost him his people’s allegiance.

The character forbearance is composed of the character that looks like a blade poised about the character for heart.
One who is able to forbear is the greatest of all the greatest.


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episode 7 

Let’s turn our eyes to the drops of water everywhere.
The lakes, rivers, rain and dew.

Water is accepting of a forbearing nature.
It nourishs all beings and brings happiness to people.

Boneless body seems easily oppressed.
Water’s raging waves are actually incomparably fierce.

Saved lives from drowning, Da yu directed water away.
Noah’s ark revealed the secret, the world’s hidden fate

Watching water flow, deeply Confucius sighed,
please cherish the fluidity of youth.


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