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Clean Ship



Clean Ship

Ease your burden

All tossed overboard

A clean ship is sailing

An entire world reborn

A free mind is breathing

On it nothing forms

A clean ship is sailing

Into the diamond morning


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animal-farm_1.jpg animal-farm.jpg

Part 11 Hello Everybody, Daniel here for Sound of Hope Radio, . I hope you are ready for another week of Animal Farm English!Yesterday, I played a concert in Bratislava, the capital city of the neighboring country to us, Slovakia. It was at the Human Rights Torch, which is now moving through Europe to raise awarness about the deplorable situation there for many people, and how they are arrested and tortured only for being spiritual practitoners. It is a sad situation, and I am happy to be able to play music and participate in events of this nature.  Anyway, when we finished last week, Squealer was just about to explain why pigs should get the milk and apples.Animal Farm Continued  (more…)

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Part Two – Asking What Something Is

In China, you may encounter many things you have never seen before. Here¡¯s how to ask people what things are.

At a restaurant
Jia qi:Excuseme. What is that?

嘉琪:对不起,那是什么?(dui bu qi, na shi she mo?)

Ziyu: Chicken Wellington.

子玉:左中鸡。(zuo zong ji)

Jia qi: Is it Chinese Cuisine?

嘉琪:那是中国料理吗? (na shi zhong gou liauo li ma?)

Ziyu: Yes, it is.

子玉:是的, (shi de)

Jia qi: I will have an order of that..

嘉琪:那末我也来一个吧, (namo, wo ye lai yi ge ba)


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Part One     Meeting Others and Introducing Yourself 

Jia qi: It is a pleasure to meet you.   嘉琪:很荣幸与您见面 (hen rong xing yu nin jian mian). 

Ziyu: Pleasure is mine. 子玉:我也很荣幸与您见面 (wo ye hen rong xing yu nin jian mian). 

Jia qi: My name is Jia qi. 嘉琪:我的名字叫做嘉琪 (wo de ming zi jiao zou Jia qi). 

Ziyu: My name is Ziyu 子玉:我的名字叫做子玉 (wo de ming zi jiao zuo Ziyu) 

Jia qi: Please keep in touch .嘉琪:请您多指教 (qing nin duo zhi jiao). 

Ziyu: .Likewise, please keep in touch.子玉:请您多指教 (qing nin duo zhi jiao). 


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Part 10 Hello Class! Daniel here, with Sound of Hope radio, ready to do another episode of Animal Farm English.  I hope you are all well. I had a good day today , I think mostly becaue I started off with a good hour meditation. I can see some real noticeable benefits from being more diligent with doing daily meditations.  I feel stronger inside, and less easily touched by emotional situations.  This is useful as a teacher, as teaching can sometimes be difficult if you are too easily affected by the students constantly changing emotions. Doing meditation has given me more room inside, and has made it more difficult for me to be knocked off balance by my sometimes crazy students! Anyway, Let’s get started. When we left off last week, those clever pigs were forming committees and learning new trades……. Animal Farm Continued 


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