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Rich Crankshaw brings you the latest news from The Epoch Times. Offering you “a fresh look at our changing world.”



◦Tablet Computers: HP Unveils Slate 500
◦Dead Sea Scrolls to be Digitized via Google
◦Telepathic Computing Making a Steady Rise


◦Conan O’Brien Drives Explosives-Laden Car off Cliff in Latest Promo
◦Willow Smith Video ‘Whip My Hair’ Officially Debuts
◦Celine Dion Preps For Twins
◦Alicia Keys Delivers Baby Boy
◦Jet Blue Sponsors Trips for Charity
◦President Obama to Appear on ‘Mythbusters’

Arts and Culture:

◦Rosemary Glyde: A Violist Who Played With Passion by Eric Shumsky
◦A Perfect Marriage of Music and Comedy: San Francisco Opera presents a hilarious ‘Figaro’

Science and Enigmas:

◦Old Controversy: UFO Sighting in England?
◦Common Cold Curable with Silver Nanoparticles?
◦Cannibal T-rex: Scientists Say Predators Ate Each Other
◦Blood PressureCould be Lowered by Eating Watermelon, Study Finds
◦Doomsday Could Be Miscalculated, California Scholar Says


◦Mobile Users and Apps
◦Global Stocks Rise Ahead of Earnings Reports
◦Director of Taiwan Tourism-New York Shares Tourism Triumphs


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