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18 months ago we started work on this feature-length documentary. Through the candid and intimate testimony of the people responsible for non-violent revolutions our film seeks to tell the story of how people power can be used topple dictators.

To make this film our director (Ruaridh Arrow pictured left) slept overnight in Tahrir Square in Cairo at the height of the February revolution. He’s met the leaders of the Syrian pro-democracy movement and the people responsible for overthrowing dictators in Serbia and Ukraine. He has spent time with Gene and his colleagues as they spread their message of effective non-violent revolution.

The film reveals how the leaders of an uprising in one country train the participants in the next and how social media now threatens dictators and tyrants around the world in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

Not only is this documentary an important film of record of the civil uprisings that have shaken the world in the last decade but we also hope it will help inspire future pro-democracy movements develop their strategies for non-violent revolution in the face of apparently overwhelming odds.

A documentary following the life and work of revolutionary academic Gene Sharp who wrote “From Dictatorship to Democracy” the book used to topple dictatorships all over the world.

HOW TO START A REVOLUTION is a new documentary film revealing how one man’s work has helped millions of people achieve freedom in the face of oppression and tyranny.

Gene Sharp is a shy, modest and little-known man. But his work has inspired a generation of people to challenge dictators through non-violent action in a tidal wave of revolutionary spirit and reform that has swept from Eastern Europe, though Asia and to the Middle East and North Africa.


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Rich Crankshaw brings you the latest news from The Epoch Times. Offering you “a fresh look at our changing world.”



◦Tablet Computers: HP Unveils Slate 500
◦Dead Sea Scrolls to be Digitized via Google
◦Telepathic Computing Making a Steady Rise


◦Conan O’Brien Drives Explosives-Laden Car off Cliff in Latest Promo
◦Willow Smith Video ‘Whip My Hair’ Officially Debuts
◦Celine Dion Preps For Twins
◦Alicia Keys Delivers Baby Boy
◦Jet Blue Sponsors Trips for Charity
◦President Obama to Appear on ‘Mythbusters’

Arts and Culture:

◦Rosemary Glyde: A Violist Who Played With Passion by Eric Shumsky
◦A Perfect Marriage of Music and Comedy: San Francisco Opera presents a hilarious ‘Figaro’

Science and Enigmas:

◦Old Controversy: UFO Sighting in England?
◦Common Cold Curable with Silver Nanoparticles?
◦Cannibal T-rex: Scientists Say Predators Ate Each Other
◦Blood PressureCould be Lowered by Eating Watermelon, Study Finds
◦Doomsday Could Be Miscalculated, California Scholar Says


◦Mobile Users and Apps
◦Global Stocks Rise Ahead of Earnings Reports
◦Director of Taiwan Tourism-New York Shares Tourism Triumphs


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A new crime wave stunned China recently. From March 23 to May 19, seven school killings across China were reported by news media. These pre-meditated crimes appeared to be random killings targeting innocent children.

The sudden outbreak of senseless crimes highlighted China’s already shaky security condition and growing social discontent, and prompted high profile official reactions.

What I’ve just read is the beginning an analysis titled, “Recent School Killings in China” from a website called chinascope.org, which is a unique media entity that gathers and periodically analyzes Chinese-language media reporting that is generally inaccessible to the West. This enables the the world to see the other side of the Chinese Government’s proverbial media blockade. China Scope is also very careful to site every single reference and source. This site often adds editorials to the beginnings of their reports and analyses.


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For the real story, uncensored, original news directly from China, on a diverse and growing range of interests, tune in to the SOH Radio Network.





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